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Related article: Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 21:02:37 -0400 From: s w Subject: Adult Theater Visit 2It was in the late 60's, I was 15 now, hot horny and always hard. I was once again spending a few weeks of summer vacation with my favorite Aunt and cousin. For over a year now, my cousin had me sucking his cock, he had even fucked me several times and I loved it. My Aunts boyfriend Jimmy once again made sure he was spending a lot of time with me. Sex was the main item on the plate and I was the centerpiece of the feast, I loved it.One Friday night Jimmy told me we were going to the movies. I remembered the last theater we had gone to. This time I was excited and eager to repeat last summers experience. I was in for a big surprise. He picked me up and told my aunt we would be in late. As we pulled away, Jimmy told me we were going to an adult movie in New Orleans, a 45-minute drive from us. He told me he had been several times and had gotten to know the manager; we would get in without a problem. My cock began to stir just thinking of what last summer was like. It seemed to take forever to make the drive but we were finally there. I was more nervous than I had ever been. As we approached the ticket booth, a man opened the door and came out straight for Jimmy. He smiled, put his arm around Jimmy's shoulder and ushered us both into the theater. I was introduced to the manager and asked if it I was ready for the show. I was flushed but mustered a smile and said I was sure I would enjoy the theater, The manager looked at Jimmy and both laughed, Jimmy told the manager that he was sure as well. I didn't know the full extent of that question.We walked into the aisle of the dark theater; it took a few minutes for me to be able to see. There were several people sitting in the back couple of rows, and the movie was in full swing with two men pleasuring a woman. We sat in the back and I was seated in the seat next to the aisle. After a few minutes, Jimmy took my hand and placed it on his lap. I could feel his cock hard and throbbing through his shorts. I looked into Lolita Rape his eyes; he smiled and said to look around. It was then that I noticed several of the men with cocks in hand or playing with each other. One was even getting a blowjob right there in the theater. I didn't think my cock could have gotten harder but it did. I began stroking through his shorts and unzipped and pulled his cock out. I wasted no time in squeezing his cock and slowly worked my hand up and down his hard rod. He already had plenty of pre-cum flowing. I was looking at Jimmy when I realized he was looking past me. I stopped. He smiled and told me to look behind me, it was the manager. He was standing next to me stroking a huge erection and he looked straight at me and then at Jimmy telling us he was sure glad we had come to the show.All I could do was stare at his uncut cock. I had not seen an uncut cock and certainly not one so thick. The manager asked me if I wanted to touch him, I didn't hesitate. My curiosity was strong and my cock was hard. Now here I was 15 years old, in an adult theater with two cocks in my hands. My head was swimming. I didn't know what was on the screen by this time. Jimmy placed his hand behind my head and led me down to his cock. I took it into my mouth, tasting his pre-cum and wasted no time in pushing my head down and taking his cock to the back of my throat. I loved sucking cock and being rewarded with a hot load of cum. I heard him telling the man that I was a good cocksucker and an even better fuck. He told him of the times we fucked and that I had first sucked him at age 14. This turned me on even more for some reason and I couldn't get enough of the hard cock in my mouth. Then I felt Jimmy's hand moving against my cock, it left my cock and pushed it's way up my shorts leg till it found my balls. I shifted in the seat to allow the hand to gain more access. This was too good to be true. I was ready to cum but wanted this to last a long time.The hand on my ass was a bit more rough than normal; he began to rub my ass hole. I tried to relax. The hand withdrew and came back with some lube and a firm finger slid into my tight ass ring. It hurt a bit at first but the cock in my mouth was beginning to throb and I knew I would soon be rewarded with a sweet hot load of cum. By this time, I had forgotten about the surroundings and only concentrated on the pleasure of sucking and the finger in my ass. Now a second finger was pushed into me. I suddenly realized that these fingers were much larger than Jimmy's. I stopped sucking and looked around to see the manager with his hand pushing into my ass. Lolita Rape Now I really got turned on. I was being used by a stranger in public and it was really turning me on. I smiled and went back to the cock I wanted so much.Jimmy pushed into my mouth and I knew the tell tale throb of his cock. He shot a hard blast of cum into my throat, then 4 more. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking until he moved my head. I Lolita Rape realized I still had two fingers in my ass and they were being worked feverishly in and out of me. I was now kneeling in the seat and sometime in all this, my shorts had been pulled almost off. As I looked up, I saw 4 men around me stroking their cocks. The manager then told me to enjoy myself and with that I felt him push his cockhead against my ass. I thought it was so big it would never get into me. That's when I noticed that I wasn't hurting at all as he slipped his cock into my ass. He had used something to numb me. This was great, all the pleasure and no pain. As he pumped me full of his thick cock, I was pulled toward a cock and eagerly took it into my mouth. I greedily sucked it in. The man started to really fuck my face. It only took him a few minutes to cum and another cock was fed to me. My head was swimming. My ass had never felt so full and the hard cock was rubbing just right on my prostate. The sensation was more that I could bear and I began to cum. Seeing that set off the cock in my ass and I was filled with a blast of hot cum. Then more and more filling me to overflow.As the cock was pulled from my ass, Jimmy took his place and began fucking me. All in all, I don't know how many times I was fucked and how many times I sucked cock.As we left, I still didn't know what happened to the woman in the movie being shown and I really didn't care. I knew I wanted to return. The manager smiled and told me to come back anytime I wanted.On the drive home, I couldn't stop talking about how great Jimmy was. I kept reaching for his cock and he kept telling me I was a cum slut. I didn't know what that meant but loved him saying it. I asked him to take me back again. He smiled and told me he had another place to take me just off Canal Street, something called "The Bath House". I knew I would enjoy it whatever it was as long as I had Jimmy's attention. But that's another story.
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